Art Business

Today I got motivated. Sometimes I just don’t feel like painting or creating. It feels defeating to sit there and stew about it. When I can’t produce something, my time is spent working on the more mundane tasks in my art life. Being a professional artist, selling work….it requires that I look at my situation as an Art Business.

Canvas Prep

First on the list was getting some new panels ready. I am going to be working heavily on a new series and I would like to stride right through a few paintings without stopping to prep up a panel, it ruins my flow. So when those creative juices are dry, it’s time to gesso. I like the wooden panels best. At the moment, I am gathering pieces of wood and clamping them together in odd shapes to use as canvas. I am excited about the idea or recycling and using different formats.

Studio Lighting

After I finished up the gesso work, I turned to the studio track lights. I have a set of 5 spot lights that Chris gave me. They are white and I really want them to blend into the ceiling of the studio so they need to be painted black. The cold weather has been hanging on, but finally our temps are above 60 so today I spray painted all those lights and got them ready to put in the track. This project has been hanging over my head for months. It felt so good to get it over with.

Scanner Queen

I really need to work on the website and update it. In addition I want to add a shopping cart so I can sell prints and cards. The scanning was another project I kept avoiding, so I decided to tackle this too! Twelve paintings got scanned today and I feel so productive!

Today was a win. I didn’t make anything new, but I paved the way for a whole bunch of good new things to happen.