Today I am reflecting.

I turn 60 tomorrow and I am looking back at all I have done and seeing how it can influence what is to come. It's so easy to dread older age, and I have had an attitude about this particular birthday. 60 is OLD, no matter how you want to frame it. We have reached cronehood.

As I have whined and moaned all week, in fact for 6 months, about this One Particular Day, I also have had a serious eye opener. A friend of mine was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer this week. He's 54. Of course, I felt the pain of this for him and that awful dread....

And then I did some reflection. And I realized what a lucky person I am to be able to turn 60. All the rough years, the damage I did to myself, the emotional toil, the entire shebang.... and yet here I am. There must be some thankfulness in there for this privilege.

So I am going to turn this corner. And the idea that I am fortunate to be here will be something that I carry with me in the weeks years and months to come. Surely the wisdom of these years can be put to some good use?

I look forward to this next journey in my life. The slower pace may help me discover new things, new ideas, new creations. Let's move on and keep doing this thing we call life.


Brig Clarissa Ann Bath 1825 (Bath, Maine)

The maidenhead, she sat on top of the front of a ship.

Imagine the strength required. The fortitude needed to stand guard on a ship out to sea. Thats what I am inspired by. The tough get tougher and keep going.