Our Approach

Inhale Nature.

I spend many hours observing in the forest and fields near my home. These trips to the woods provide me with a sense of awe and inspiration that I translate through my creative process. I inhale the smells, the textures, the colors and the view in a slow meditative process. I mentally record the feelings and atmosphere around me.

Drawing upon my memory back in my home studio, I produce original work that spotlights what I have sensed from my experience.

Our Story

Exhale Art.

I create.
Using mixed media collage, paint, print, and/or photography I love to create! This is my favorite thing of all and most spare moments you can find me in the studio making the magic happen. After I have finished a piece of artwork, it is not unusual for me to scan it into the computer and bring it to a new dimension.

I teach.
30 years of working in Graphic Arts has lead me to new opportunities in teaching. I am an adjunct professor of Graphic Art & Design at SUNY Cobleskill and I have also taught several local workshops that have allowed me to bring my process of natural exploration and appreciation to a different younger audience.