A New Beginning


A day when I seriously begin to tackle with my own identity. It’s been so difficult since I have been a busy person with so many interests. Narrowing down things is a new task for me. Most of my life I have allowed my mind and body to explore anything and dive in any direction. I find this so satisfying, but yet there is such little structure and a varying focus that has made it hard to succeed in a more long-term way. This didn’t seem to bother me too much before, but now I crave to make something BIG out of everything in my life that has been up until now kinda small.

The first task began at home already. I have escaped and engaged. I have read books and meditated.  I have cleaned out my dresser, my closet and my room. I have put myself to task and the process continues to the kitchen, the living room, and soon to my front porch. The web has not escaped my notice. This is my virtual home and certainly it needs some Tender Loving Care, too. So please bear with me while I put this all together!


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